APHA Black solid stallion

SOLD!  2017 APHA Black solid stallion. Maxdee Blue X Strait Georgia Peach. Foaled 21May2017.

APHA Sorrel solid stallion

2017 APHA Sorrel solid stallion. Maxdee Blue x Redfords Roan Lady. This is one sharp colt. He may be sorrel but he sure has a lot of chrome. He has a blaze and four socks. Foaled 21May2017.

APHA Black overo filly

2017 APHA Black overo filly. Maxdee Blue x MIP Winken Valentine. This filly's dam is a grulla so she should carry the dun factor as well. Foaled 19May2017

APHA Black overo stallion

2017 APHA Black overo stallion. Maxdee Blue x She Rocks Dirti. This colt's dam was raised by Reisinger Farms. She is an own daughter of Zippin Rock by Dirty Sonny. Foaled 01May2017


APHA Black solid filly

2017 APHA Black solid filly. Maxdee Blue x Big Star McCue. Very tall, pretty headed filly. Foaled on 24May2017.

APHA Red Roan solid filly

2017 APHA Chestnut Roan solid filly. Maxdee Blue x Quick To Shine. This mare always has some well built babies. Foaled on 12May2017.